Wines on Tap

That’s right, wine by the growler! We’re happy to be able to provide you with quality estate grown wines straight from the keg. Currently our selection of wines on tap is:

As of 10/19/18


A sweet red blend of Fredonia and Ives grapes grown in our vineyards. A specialty wine made just for Italian Festival.

Picollo Pizzelle

Our Cayuga wine sweetened and blended with vanilla and anise. Tastes just like a Pizzelle!


A dry red blend of Blaufrankisch and Cabernet Franc. A full bodied red perfect with savory dishes.


Our famous sangria! A delicious blend of cranberry and red wine great for fiestas with friends.


Our growlers come in both 1L or 500ml sizes. Once you purchase your growler you may bring it in to have it filled over and over again paying only the fill price of your selected wine.

Coming back to refill? Customers returning to fill a growler are able to taste any of our wines on tap for free!

1L  growler    –    $5

500ml growler – $3