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  • pg2015

    Pinot Grigio 2015

    Aromas of green apple, white peaches, and Meyer lemon enrich this wine’s flavorful palate. Each sip of this delicious Pinot Grigio will keep you coming back for another!


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  • gruner2014

    Gruner Veltliner 2016

    Gruner Veltliner, an Austrian varietal that displays abundant notes of golden delicious apple, lime zest, pear and salad greens. Hints of white pepper and a brisk acidity make this a great pairing for a wide variety of dishes.

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  • tram2015

    Traminette 2016

    5 out of 5

    This unique off-dry white has noticeable notes of lemon zest, hops, and orange blossoms in the bouquet. Bright and fruity on the palate with flavors of pear, this Traminette will pair spectacularly with spicy foods. We recommend drinking a glass with your favorite Asian dish.

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  • leo

    Leo : The Lion

    This medium bodied white wine showcases a bouquet of blood orange, peach, oak and vanilla. Bright acidity on the palate, and a lasting lime finish round out this wine. Try pairing with a mixed greens salad topped with goat cheese.

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  • Chard16

    Chardonnay 2016

    Our Chardonnay is a blend of oak aged and stainless steel aged Chardonnay from our vineyard, giving it a wonderful complexity. This is a creamy, medium-bodied white with green apple and vanilla flavors, styled after classic European Chardonnays.

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  • Vidal-16

    Vidal Blanc 2016

    Vidal Blanc displays hints of tropical fruits, cantaloupe, bright lemon and a hint of fresh cut grass. Bold flavors of zesty grapefruit and a rich mouthfeel come through on the palate. Refreshingly light and crisp with lasting acidity, Vidal Blanc is a great choice for the summertime!

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  • petitverdotrose

    Petit Verdot Rosé 2016

    Made by fermenting Petit Verdot grapes with no skin contact, this crisp rosé displays a much more delicate flavor than its full bodied red variation. Citrus and jasmine aromas are followed by a bright minerality on the palate making this a great choice for warmer seasons.

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  • cygnus

    Cygnus : The Swan

    This bright and refreshing off dry white wine has an aroma of ginger blossom and Fuji apple. The apple follows through on the palate with notes of tangerine. Much like the bond between a pair of swans, this wine is timeless.

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  • JerseyD-White

    Jersey Devil White

    5 out of 5

    This “legendary” off-dry blend of Cayuga and Traminette provides a flavor profile beaming with baked Macintosh apple and honeydew melon following through to a smooth, fruity finish.

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  • JerseyD-Red

    Jersey Devil Red

    A wickedly delicious blend, light and easy to drink. Jersey Devil Red is an unoaked dry red blend with a fruity flavor that is exceedingly food friendly. Notes of plum, pomegranate, red cherry and clove give this wine a spirited complexity that still pairs perfectly with pizza or pasta dishes.

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  • Chamby15

    Chambourcin 2015

    This French-American hybrid is a signature grape of the Outer Coastal Plain. The nose is an earthy blend of strawberry, cherry, and sandalwood. On the palate Chambourcin delivers lush notes of berry, thyme and dried sage. This dark medium-bodied red wine pairs well with a wide variety of meats, cheeses and dark chocolates.

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  • solavita


    Brimming with red, pitted stone fruits, caraway and floral notes on the nose, the aroma of Solavita will captivate you before you take your first sip! An evolving palate of wild cherry and pithy strawberry is tied together with a hint of vanilla. This bold and unique table wine pairs with a wide variety of foods.

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  • CabFranc14

    Cabernet Franc 2014

    An aroma with nuances of cedar, spiced apple and red pepper complements the subtle spiciness and pomegranate flavors in this medium bodied red wine. Its smooth silkiness and cocoa finish make it an excellent partner with anything from poultry to filet mignon.

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  • Blau14

    Blaufränkisch 2015

    This unique red wine incorporates bold notes of vanilla and violets. The palate blossoms with cherry and fig flavors and extends into a lasting and luxurious finish. This wine pairs well with red meats and is a wonderful conversation starter for any wine lover.

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  • PV 14 PS

    Petit Verdot 2014

    This classic Bordeaux blending grape has strong aromas of violet, cedar, spice, pomegranate and black cherry and a robust tannic structure that supports ripe flavors of blueberry, plum and mocha on the finish. Pair Petit Verdot with any hearty meats or cheeses.

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  • cabernetsauvignon

    Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

    Scents of ripe summer cherry & rich toffee followed by flavors of cherry, chocolate and strawberry. Silver Medal Winner

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  • Nana's

    Nana’s Wine

    A delicate, semi-sweet white with floral notes & tropical flavors. Nice anytime, and makes a tasty white sangria.

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  • Under-the-Arbor

    Under the Arbor

    With a light, fresh & pleasing taste, this blush table wine is a great alternative for the White Zinfandel lover.

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  • Homestead


    Our lightly sweet and fruity blend of North American labrusca grapes & European viniferas; a versatile table wine.

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  • Apple


    Our Apple Wine is made from 100% locally sourced Fuji apples. This semi-sweet fruit wine is a great choice for picnics, parties, or as a refreshing pairing with light dinners.

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  • Cranberry


    Made from 100% New Jersey cranberries, this wine has a refreshingly zippy flavor, not too sweet or tart. Try it as a spritzer, too!

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  • Fiesta


    Our special blend of red grape and cranberry wines, ready for a party. Add fresh fruits of your choice for a great sangria.

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  • JerseyBlues

    Jersey Blues

    Exclusively from New Jersey blueberries, light & sweet; serve with berry cobbler, lemon cake, almond cookies or your favorite dessert!

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  • blackcurrant750

    Black Currant

    This bright and zippy fruit wine is bursting with cassis flavors. A wonderful addition to a martini or kirs.

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  • Port


    Bold and complex, our Port has rich flavors of cocoa, cherry, and licorice. This blend of Chambourcin and Petit Verdot has been fortified with brandy that was made by a local distillery from our own Cayuga grapes. We’ve wax dipped and hand numbered each bottle to give our Port a unique finishing touch. Enjoy with a cigar or dark chocolate.

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  • Dand16-PS

    Dandelion 2016

    Following a fifty year old formula passed on to us by our Great Aunt Ada, each bottle of our Dandelion Wine has been crafted from a bouquet of handpicked dandelion flowers. The wine is a light, sweet nectar with lovely citrus flavors and a clean finish, making it a unique and wonderful after-dinner treat. Salut!

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  • Cristallina 2015

    Cristallina 2016

    Our version of an Ice Wine. Luscious tropical fruit flavors and a honeysuckle aroma, lovely as an after dinner cordial.

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  • pollux

    Pollux : The Twins

    Pollux will appear to you like St. Elmo’s fire with its smooth mouthfeel and smokey notes. This dry red wine has hints of juniper and cassis in the nose and on the palate. Balanced acid and complex flavors create a wine that is truly out of this world!

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  • arcturus

    Arcturus: The Guardian

    Tantalizing aromas of honeyed citrus, jasmine and black cherry constitute this balanced dry red wine’s bouquet. With a lighter body and lasting finish, Arcturus is great to have with tapas or a light meal, especially lamb dishes.

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  • capella

    Capella: The Goat

    Raspberry and tart cherry open up on the palate of this silky red wine. With a medium body, bright acidity and smooth finish, Capella is a perfect pairing with goat cheese or can be enjoyed on its own.

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  • regulus

    Regulus: The Little King

    True to its name, this red wine will make you feel like royalty. Aromas of plum, mocha and hints of violet abound while the palate consists of beautifully structured tannins which follow through with a lasting finish. This medium bodied red goes wonderfully with grilled meats or any hearty meal.

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